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Writing in the Public Sphere

Writing in the Public Sphere is an upper level service learning course. The purpose of this course is for students to create a tangible product for an actual non profit in the area. 

As the instructor, I organized the partnership with the May 4th Visitor's Center on Kent's campus. Due to my background in music and youth subculture, the directors of the center asked that the students create a multimodal project that depicted the impact of protest music on the events of May 4th, 1970.  

I created the class from the ground up around the concepts of injustice and multimodality.  The students explored injustices within their own lives and connecting those to the students who were affected on May 4th 1970. The students were broken into self- picked groups based on modality (sound, writing, visual, and production). Each group worked together and as a collective whole to create the video you see before you.

May 4th Project

The finished video for the collective course project. All rights reserved.